The Klor hook pattern was designed and created by Danny Fairbrass to be an aggressive, strong, fast turning hook with brilliant hooking potential with a variety of rigs. It is produced by one of the finest Japanese hook manufacturers and is incredibly strong. It has proven to be able to withstand fishing for big carp in extreme conditions, both at home and abroad.

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The Klor has a very aggressive shape (even more so than our Kurv Shank hook), with the point in line with the eye, and this encourages it to turn quickly and take hold in the mouth of a carp. The sweeping shank and in turned eye also means the hook can be used without the need for shrink tube or a kicker.

It is suitable for use with braid, coated hooklinks (if the coating is stripped back in front of the hook) and the combi rig.

The beaked point is long, ultra-sharp and slightly in-turned which ensures the most secure hook holds possible. It also makes it far less likely to be damaged by nuisance species, such as crayfish and small fish, moving it around on the bottom, especially when fishing over gravel.

The wire is a heavy gauge, and this results in a very strong hook which can be used in weedy or snaggy conditions, even when using braid, without fear of it opening out. During testing Danny landed carp to over 60lb from wild, French waters that were full of snags. Despite the thickness of the wire, the point remains very sharp and the whisker barb, once the hook goes in, will ensure it stays in place.

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